A First Course in Wine: From Grape to Glass. Copyright 2013; Race Point Publishers, NY. 224 pages. Forward by Mario Batali.

The ultimate handbook for all wine drinkers, for beginners and pros.

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Wines of the Equinox

One of the most important factors that determines a wine’s integrity are the changing of the seasons. All great wines

12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of night

begin in the vineyard, and healthy growing seasons can make or break a vintage. As the northern hemisphere slowly enters the fall season, vintners around the […]

The Taming of the Shrew (Vine)

Grapevines are one of the world’s oldest plant families with records of vines dating to 10,000 B.C. As man evolved,

A sketch of the Scott Henry Spur-Training System. Also referred to as Smart-Dyson Trellis System.

taming the vine became one of the more nobler trades, and wine, or fermented-like grape beverages, are cited in […]