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Viva España! The White Wines of Spain

Spain is the third largest producing wine country by volume and has a culture rooted in the enjoyment of food and wine. The climate and soil vary from region to region, with each specializing in different grapes. As a result, Spain offers a wide variety of wine styles ranging from sparkling, white, red, and fortified.


Get To Know Your Grapes: Monastrell

Monastrell is Spain’s second most-widely planted variety after Grenache (Garnacha). The grape is more commonly referred to as Mourvèdre in parts of southern France, where it’s used prominantly in the Bandol appelation, as well as other parts of the Rhône Valley and Provence. In Spain, Monastrell produces wines with depth and color that mirror some […]

World Cup Wines - A Tasting of Worldly Proportions

As the world cup playing field reduces to four teams this weekend, I’d like to summarize a few wines we can all drink as we watch these teams do battle on the world’s greatest stage (pitch). While there are some basketball aficionados out there following all

The ball of the gods

the latest with […]

Wines for a Jack$on (Under $20) - Sierra Cantabria Rioja Crianza 2005

Rioja is one of the more recognizable regions for Spanish wine production. Similar to France and Italy, Spain has been growing vines for nearly 2,500 years; however, contrary to the aforementioned countries, Spain is rarely credited for the extreme quality of its wines. There are some Spanish wines that fetch upwards to $100, but for […]