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Interview with Filmmaker Tiziano Gaia on the Making of “Barolo Boys”

Rolling Vineyards in Barolo

This time of year winemakers in the northern hemisphere all over the world are picking ripe grape bunches from the vines and bringing them to the winery. The grapes are transformed into wine and in doing so tell the story of the land from whence they came. As it goes, […]

A Festa for the Resta’ Us – Festa del Barolo 2013

If you’re into food and wine, it must seem like a party everyday if you live in the Piedmont in northern Italy – truffles, cheeses, fine wines, and fresh

Galloni inspecting the goods prior to the afternoon's session

Alpine air. However, If you’re like most people on this earth, you’re deprived of the simple […]

The b-side of Nebbiolo: Valtellina

Lombardia is one of Italy’s northernmost territories and winemaking has long been a farming practice with records of vineyard

The air up there; vineyards feelin' the elevation in Valtellina

plantings dating to the thirteenth century. Many agricultural products, such as wine, often play second fiddle to the plush silks and fabrics that […]

Interview with the Winemaker: Barrel Samples with Valter Fissore of Azienda Agricola Elvio Cogno, Piemonte, Italy

The wines of Barolo in northwestern Italy represent some of the country’s most rare and highly sought-after collectables. As a student of Italian wines for more than ten years, I’ve come to realize there is always something more to discover about this fabled land in the Piedmont region.

Barolo must be produced from 100% nebbiolo […]

Interview with Giancarlo Nada of Azienda Agricola Ada Nada, Piemonte

The origins of the Nada family can be traced back hundreds of years in the Piemonte region of Italy. Starting in 1800, Francesco Nada began selling some of the grapes that he grew in his vineyards. It wasn’t until 1919 that his grandson, Carlo Nada, decided to make his own wine from the select parcels […]