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How do Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans Play a Role in Winemaking?

Lake Effect provides the vital elements for vineyard growth by Seneca Lake

Most of the world’s premier winemaking zones are located in close proximity to bodies of water. This is due in part to two reasons of equal importance.

First, water helps moderate the temperatures in nearby areas, a phenomena called, Lake […]

Wines for a Jack$on (Under $20) - Cave Spring Riesling 2007, Niagara, Canada

Canadian Vineyards

Canada’s wine industry is young compared to many industrialized nations, but the success thus far of Canadian wines has helped create a demand in the marketplace. Given the location of many of Canada’s vineyards, the grapes are picked as late as possible to ensure proper sugar levels before fermentation. If the grapes […]

Interview with Enologist Mattia Vezzola of Bellavista and Azienda Agricola Costaripa

Mattia Vezzola was hailed by Vini d’Italia, Italy’s leading wine guide, as Winemaker of the Year in 2007. His accomplishments are many, but at the core, he’s simply a man who tends the vine of his native region, Lombardia.

Famed enologist Mattia Vezzola

Born in 1951 in Brescia, Lombardia’s second largest city, he initially […]