A First Course in Wine: From Grape to Glass. Copyright 2013; Race Point Publishers, NY. 224 pages. Forward by Mario Batali.

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G’day Mate! It’s Pickin’ Time!!!

As the winter chill loses its cling to the spring season, the temps are warming and sun is shining in

Shaw + Smith; one of Australia’s leading wineries

the northern hemisphere. It marks the beginning of another start to the long and dramatic growing season culminating in roughly 5-6 months with the grape harvest. […]

An Update on Australia with Michael Hill Smith, MW

Once known for its stickies, Australia has earned a reputation for making lots of value-priced wines produced from grapes like Shiraz (Syrah), Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Riding the unprecedented success of Yellowtail ten years ago, more producers have begun churning out like-minded wines, rich with fruit and offering extreme value. Many of these wines became […]