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Back to the Basics – Food and Wine

It takes two to tango

It’s a tough time of year for food and wine pairings. The cold weather encourages a heartier fare, and with it, comes heavier wines. Not a problem if you’re into that kind of thing, but what about the winos that enjoy the lighter stuff? Times like these, it’s […]

Old Wines, Good Times

Of the 35 billion bottles of wine produced each year, less than 1 percent are intended to age for longer than five years. Most are meant for immediate consumption within one to five years. The majority of wines exhibit all the things we like about wine in balanced proportions, such as fruit, acidity, earthy or […]

Wines of the Equinox

One of the most important factors that determines a wine’s integrity are the changing of the seasons. All great wines

12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of night

begin in the vineyard, and healthy growing seasons can make or break a vintage. As the northern hemisphere slowly enters the fall season, vintners around the […]

Food and Wine Magazine: Pairing wines with Vegetables featuring Batali, Ladner, and Amatuzzi

In the April edition of Food and Wine magazine, which hits newstands this week, chefs Mario Batali and Mark Ladner propose that vegetables are on the verge of a new renaissance. Vegetables are easy to grow in one’s personal garden, and require

Photo courtesy of John Kernick and Food and Wine Magazine

very little […]

Food and Wine's Common Ground: Acidity

With the endless possibilities of food preparations, selecting a compatible wine may seem like an easy task. There are times, however, that certain components in either the food or the wine can hinder the perfect pairing. By understanding the acidic properties of wine a bit more, we can overcome the challenges of pairing food and […]