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HELLO and welcome to Wine For The Student!  Whether you’re just beginning to explore the world of wine, or you’re nitpicking the differences between Burgundy crus, Wine For The Student, is your stop for all things wine.  We keep it simple, we keep it brief, and most of all we keep it fun.  Feel free to post questions or leave comments and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.  ENJOY!

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  • Nick

    Hi Dan,

    Another comment: It would be great to be able to see your articles for 201 magazine, either posted directly here, or linked. I guess the “blogroll” are links to other wine-type blogs, and are not necessarily links to your other content.

    Anyway, just a thought.

  • Braun

    Nice work with the website. I had no idea.

  • Dan, great talking to you last night and thanks for the great recommendations. I love the blog, great work!

  • Dan – this is awesome! A real gem of a resource for all wine lovers. Looking forward to following your exploits and adventures as this site continues to grow. Zahra and I wish you the best of luck in 2010!!

  • Miriam

    Daniel (Tuz)
    Happy New Year and congrats on your blog. It is really informative. Nice work. All the best in 2010!

  • Nancy Dudak

    Happy New Year Dan! This is very impressive. I like the Wines for a Jack$on.

  • Alessandro

    Dan, bravo! great job with the website. I am about to download the Italian Wine Textbook. Great cause to support. Keep the hard work.

  • Giuseppi Amatuzzi

    I am proud of you.

  • Patrick Shefski

    Danno! Looks fantastic – congradulations! Stop by and see me at “Patrick Shefski – Wine Geek” on Facebbook. I’m having fun, and still learning … Miss those amazing and legendary shifts at DP, but writing much more these days. We need to hang out soon. Peace, and congrats one more time.

  • Liz DeMichino


    My friend and I were at the Wines of Tuscany class last week and then I open up my food and wine magazine and you’re in it! I love this website-thanks for the great class and the information!

  • winefor1

    Hey Liz,

    Thanks for commenting on the site. I’m glad you stumbled upon the article in Food and Wine, and I hope that it helps you with all your wine pairings in the future.

  • Gus


    Thanks for a great tasting at Otto. Jules and I really enjoyed ourselves and your passion for the wines you showed us. I have just published my post on the tasting if you want to have a look. I posted the link to your website for my subscribers, i hope that’s ok too, and have also added it to my blogroll. I see you did too which was very kind of you. Hope you’re well, your site looks great and the content is appreciated by many i’m sure, (me included)!



  • Matt S.

    Dan –

    Very impressive. I’m looking forward to visiting Otto soon.


  • louis scipione

    Always good things with you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Doing waht you love is what life is all about.
    You’re likely to need a financial advisor very soon.
    If I can help, please feel free to call.

    Best regards,

  • Hey Dan,

    Great work. You once gave me some recommendations in It. when we met at Otto. I’m headed to Alessandrea and Verona and am looking to find some great Vineyards to visit, any guidance offered is much appreciated?

    Thanks and stay well,

  • winefor1

    Hey Vincent!
    You’re in luck, I just got back from Verona last month. For the very best in wine and hospitality – seek out Allegrini, Serafini & Vidotto, Masi, Raimondi. They’re all within a short drive from Verona. Have a great trip.

  • Tony Rizzuto


    I was recently in the Eataly wine shop and learned that in June (I believe) you’re featuring a collection of Sicilian wines.

    I just got back from Sicily and have been going a bit crazy trying to find several producer’s bottles that I sampled while there. Perhaps it is too late to include them in the selection but I’d love if these wines were available in New York.

    Ariana Occhipinti makes some great wines under the label Occhipinti. More here: http://www.agricolaocchipinti.it

    And the second is Baglio di Cristo di Campobello in Licata (near Agrigento). I’ve been searching the US for a seller of their nero d’avola Lu Patri. Any chance you guys might carry it? Maritime is their distributor (http://maritimewine.com) in the US but they seem to only service the west coast. They make beautiful wine. More here: http://www.cristodicampobello.it

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  • winefor1

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for posting. You’re correct, we working with the Sicilian government for about a month at Eataly promoting some of their most popular and other hard to find products. I’m a big fan of Occhipinti’s wines as well from Sicily. Unfortunately, neither producer you mentioned is participating in this particular event but the ones we are featuring this month are as follows:

    Feudo Disisa
    Tasca D’Almerita
    Duca di Salaparuta
    Cantine Russo
    Terre di Giurfo
    Modica di San Giovanni
    Girolamo Russo
    Valle dell’Acate
    Caravaglio Antonino
    Principi di Butera
    Baglio di Pianetto

    Hope you can stop by this month to try some. About two wines from each producer are featured in the all the ground floor restaurants throughout June and part of July. There are free tastings in the Eataly Wine Shop all month long on Friday evenings form 6:00 to 8:00 PM.


  • Tony Rizzuto

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the info. I assume all these Sicilian wines you mention are for sale at the store? Or are they just featured in the restaurants.
    I will certainly swing by to check them out.

    See if you can get Cristo di Campobello and/or Occhipinti for sale in the wine shop. Would be delicious.

    Be well,

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