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Wines for a Jack$on (Under $20) – Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Rosé 2013, Sancerre France

The weather is finally turning and that means it’s time to indulge in lighter wines – a better fit for the season and the spring bounty of fresh

Pascal Jolivet's 2013 Sancerre Rosé

produce.  Many folks turn to white wines and rosé wines throughout the spring and summer for this reason.  For something different in the realm of rosé wines, check out Pascal Jolivet’s Sancerre Rosé 2013 from France.  Sancerre is better known for white wines produced from Sauvignon Blanc, but some producers make reds and rosé from Pinot Noir as well.  While these wines lack the power and depth of Pinot Noir wines from Burgundy further east, they still show all the hallmarks of rich raspberry fruits and earthy mushroom flavors that are typically associated with Pinot Noir.  Even rarer are rosé wines produced from Pinot Noir in Sancerre.  Pascal Jolivet is one of the leading producers in Sancerre, offering a dizzying array of whites, reds, and rosé wines.  His latest rosé bottling from the 2013 vintage is stellar with ultra fresh aromas of strawberries, rose pedals, and herbs.  On the palate the wine is strikingly zippy with cherry notes and biting acidity – a true gem that’s ideal for the warmer spring season.  It’s a perfect wine for meats and cheeses and lighter salads and soups.

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