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Wines for a Jack$on (under $20) – Jermann “W….Dreams….” 2006(half bottle)

*Special Treat* Head to Broadway Liquor Warehouse on Broadway between Waverly and 8th Street they have this bottle for $9.99 for the half…meaning that two halves for $19.98 (pre-tax) gives you a $40+ bottle. Don’t ask questions on pricing logic because there are no answers.
This is one of those wines that you just buy a lot of to keep on hand and drink when you feel like the day has been long enough and you want something more than a beer but don’t want to crack that bottle you’ve been saving for a dinner party. At $9.99 this is a terrific deal and an amazing wine to be enjoyed more regularly because of the price.
Silvio Jermann is an Italian producer from Friuli Venezia Giulia. His wines are unique to say the least; making everything from Chardonnay to Riesling to his “Blau&Blau” a blend of Blaufränkisch (a thick-skinned Austrian variety) and Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir); and usually fantasy labeled and promote IGT (the level above Vino da Tavola and below DOC) status.
“W….Dreams……”2006 is 90% Chardonnay the remaining 10% is not listed…It is aged for 11 months in new French Barrique (small – 225L – casks), this adds distinct French oak characteristics. Not typical of a French oaked Chardonnay this wine is decadent and lends to rich honey, vanilla, and white chocolate brioche (that’s a Caribbean Club Med reference, Columbus Isle). There is just enough acid on the palate to remain harmonious, though it’s a delicate balancing act – something like a seesaw with a really heavy weight on one side and a not so heavy weight positioned just so perfectly at the right distance from the fulcrum to balance the load. (Yea that was a bit over the top for a descriptor, but if you were able to see it play out in your mind’s eye then you’ll get what I mean.) The acid is present and adds structure but the plushness of the wine has a distinct fullness and mouthfeel. A blind tasting will certainly lead you to an Jermann wine. There is more apricot and peach than pear – leading you away from Chardonnay – which is extra full in this hotter than normal 2006 vintage.
A special wine at a truly special price. I thought they were running it in limited quantities a few months ago so I purchased 3, those were gone in no time. I went back recently and they were around again. I’ll be picking some up tomorrow before they’re all gone. Enjoy.

-@TDrinkwater, Beverage Director at Ellabess

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