A First Course in Wine: From Grape to Glass. Copyright 2013; Race Point Publishers, NY. 224 pages. Forward by Mario Batali.

The ultimate handbook for all wine drinkers, for beginners and pros.

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The Tutelage of Angelo Gaja

Angelo Gaja and the author

At a recent tasting in New York City, a group wine buyers, writers, and sommeliers gathered to participate in a unique wine tasting and lecture moderated by one of Italy’s most important wine pioneers, Angelo Gaja. Outside the Central Park Suite at Jumeirah Essex, spring still clinged to the […]

From Hopeless Zero to Wine Hero: 5 Tips for Ordering Wine on a First Date

Having the duty of simultaneously being your jovial self and also choosing the wine is cumbersome. We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are some easy outs if you’re in this position. Check here to read it all about it on vinepair.com’s wine blog, as written by WFTS founder and author, Dan Amatuzzi.


Not Just Red Wine Country – Bordeaux Produces The Bubbly

Cuvee de l'Abbaye is produced entirely from Semillon, one of the most important and unique grapes of southwestern France

Bordeaux is unequivocally famous for red wines, but low and behold there are other types of wine produced within the Bordeaux appellation, including sparkling wines. While not as complex as their counterparts from Champagne, sparkling […]