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A Taste of Sicily: Two Brothers, One Island, and Some Torn-up Roads

Some parts of the world remain untouched by the accelerating hand of technology. When discovered by the infrequent traveler, these places offer hints of what the world once was: quiet, serene, and somewhat untamed. Thus was the scene in Sambuca di

Klaus and a bottle of 'Il Gran Bastardo' after a typical Sicilian lunch […]

Le Fortune d'Italia Video

Le Fortune d’Italia…The Fortunes of Italy. A compilation of some of the better Italian wines ever crafted. Shot on location at Del Posto Restaurant during my tenure as sommelier and bar manager.

Franciacorta: Italy's prime bead of sparkling wines

Lombardia is one of Italy’s northernmost territories and winemaking has long been a farming practice with records of vineyard plantings dating to the thirteenth century. Winemaking is often overshadowed by the fashion industry based in the capitol city of Milan. Many agricultural products, such as wine, often play second fiddle to the plush silks and […]

World Cup Wines - A Tasting of Worldly Proportions

As the world cup playing field reduces to four teams this weekend, I’d like to summarize a few wines we can all drink as we watch these teams do battle on the world’s greatest stage (pitch). While there are some basketball aficionados out there following all

The ball of the gods

the latest with […]