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Interview with Lucia Duran Raimondi of Villa Monteleone in Valpolicella

One of the greatest privileges of a wine buying position is having the opportunity to meet with winemakers and enologists. Although most wine editorials offer insight and stories regarding winemakers, having face to face time with the artists themselves and learning of life and wine in their hometowns is the best resource.

Lucia Duran Raimondi […]


Many times in a restaurant setting, a sommelier (wine steward) will decant a wine by pouring the contents of the bottle into a larger glass or ceramic container. This process exposes the wine to oxygen, thereby releasing the aromas and aldehydes allowing the wine to “open up”. Often times, this draws questions from other guests […]

Vintage Charts: The Achilles to Your Perfect Wine Selection

Although vintage charts are a useful companion, they should only be used as a guideline, and each wine should be evaluated on its own. […]