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The Art of the Bubbly with Cantine Ferrari

In the world of wine, the sparkling category is sometimes viewed as a strange appendage to a bulbous body. Many of us acknowledge we enjoy bubbles in wine, but very few of us understand how it’s made. Luckily, I was recently a participant in the inaugural class of Sparkling Wine Camp in northern Italy. For […]

Eataly NY to host author Mike Veseth of the Wine Economist – March 13

From time to time, the school at Eataly hosts authors of various types of works and on Tuesday, March 13th, we’re proud to

Veseth's latest: Wine Wars

present a new author to the school: Mike Veseth. Mike is the Robert G. Albertson Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound and […]

Seven Years of Sagrantino with Marco Caprai

I first met winemaker, Marco Caprai, about two years ago in New York. Strangely enough, I felt like we had already met, as I’ve been tasting and admiring wines from his family’s estate in Umbria since the beginning of my wine education nearly ten years ago. For the most part, winemakers express themselves through their […]

Wines of Brazil with Evan Goldstein, MS

Wine may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when discussing Brazilian agriculture, but the coveted drink has been making some serious headway in the international wine market. At a recent trade tasting in New York featuring the latest and the greatest from the emerging powerhouse, I had a chance to chat with […]

Wines of the EquinoX – Sept. 21, 2011

The equinox is always a tricky time of year. On this day (and one other day in the spring) the equator is even-keeled, and if

Marilisa Allegrini dishin' on the Veneto at Eataly's La Scuola.

you’re in the northern hemisphere, it means that winter is on the way and the warm days of autumn […]