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Wines for (the alarmingly low level of) CHOCOLATE!!!

There is a yawning deficit of chocolate, so go out and get yours today.

The combination of wine and food has been providing happiness and nutrition for many years. While less championed than other foods for its compatibility, chocolate is in it’s own category when it comes to pairing with wine. Chocolate comes in […]

Wines for a Jack$on (under $20) – Domaine Carneros, Carneros Sparkling Wine Ultra Brut 2008, California

The winemaking zones of the world are pretty straight forward. Within a larger appellation, there are smaller zones, and even smaller sub-zones. This makes navigating the wine world and memorizing certain plots of the world rather feasible. Every now and then there’s a hiccup, such as our current study of wines for a jack$on. Carneros […]

Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology of WINE

It’s March Madness – a great time of year if you’re a hoops fan. There are many parallels you can draw between college basketball and wine such as blending, strategy, scandals and cheating, steroids, marketing, and sales. In the spirit of Joe Lunardi, the ubiquitous name when discerning the field of 65 to 68 teams, […]

“Wines for Thanksgiving” as seen on NBC

In case you missed it, and/or in case you’re re-celebrating Thanksgiving today or this weekend with extended family and friends, check out the video for some recommended tips. The following aired on NBC on Wednesday.

If the video above fails to load, you can see the video here…


Interview with winemaker Sam Baxter of Terra Valentine, Napa Valley, CA

As he grew up in a family surrounded by wine, Sam Baxter was at his father’s side learning about the intricacies of wine production in Napa Valley. He later went on to study viticulture at UC

Napa Valley, California

Davis, the premier enology school in the United States. After working in Australia, Sam landed […]