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Viva España! The White Wines of Spain

Spain is the third largest producing wine country by volume and has a culture rooted in the enjoyment of food and wine. The climate and soil vary from region to region, with each specializing in different grapes. As a result, Spain offers a wide variety of wine styles ranging from sparkling, white, red, and fortified.


Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology of WINE

It’s March Madness – a great time of year if you’re a hoops fan. There are many parallels you can draw between college basketball and wine such as blending, strategy, scandals and cheating, steroids, marketing, and sales. In the spirit of Joe Lunardi, the ubiquitous name when discerning the field of 65 to 68 teams, […]

Sardinia’s Secret Saline Seduction

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, chances are your radar is turned to red wines for a the next few months, but I’d like to take a moment and discuss the mysterious whites from one of my favorite Italian regions: Sardinia.

Known for its mixed cultural history, cork oak tree forests, and reclusive beach resorts, […]

Wines for a Jack$on (under $20) – Txakolina, Ameztoi – 2009

For my second post I’m going to push the envelope a bit, both on the price of the wine and the variety – $19.99 (before tax, so I guess it’s only under a Jackson pre-tax).

The wine is a Basque specialty named Txakoli, pronounced shaw-co-li (super layman phonetic). It is a blend between two indigenous […]

What’s in a name? The grapes behind the labels

What’s in a name? The linguistic nature of wine labels can be discouraging for the avid student. There’s little joy to exploring wines when one knows little of what’s inside or fails to have the resources to find out which grapes are responsible for the deliciousness in the glass. Names such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Rioja, […]