A First Course in Wine: From Grape to Glass. Copyright 2013; Race Point Publishers, NY. 224 pages. Forward by Mario Batali.

The ultimate handbook for all wine drinkers, for beginners and pros.

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Olive Oil and Wine Camp – Tuscany 2014

Think you have what it takes to be a master of extra virgin olive oil and fine premium wines? Well step up and prove it at the inaugural Grove & Vine In Italy experience. For one flat fee, enjoy unparalleled access to the luxurious world of olive oil and wine through extensive and unforgettable olive […]

The Tutelage of Angelo Gaja

Angelo Gaja and the author

At a recent tasting in New York City, a group wine buyers, writers, and sommeliers gathered to participate in a unique wine tasting and lecture moderated by one of Italy’s most important wine pioneers, Angelo Gaja. Outside the Central Park Suite at Jumeirah Essex, spring still clinged to the […]

50 Years of the Good Stuff With Bertani, (Veneto, Italy)

Raisin wine? Exactly. For generations, Amarone della Valpolicella has mesmerized the throngs of thirtsy winos in search of the next best thing. While most people love Amarone for its rich profile of fruit and power, very few understand how it’s made and how it comes to be.

Six vintages spanning 50 years


Off the Beaten Path: The Wines of Liguria

Liguria is best known for its major contribution to the culinary world: pesto. The flavorful herbaceous-ness of the emulsion of basil, olive oil, and pine nuts is more than enough to satisfy any foodie. Although lesser known for its wines, Liguria is most certainly worth mentioning. The narrow region benefits from warm coastal breezes as […]

The Birth of Cool (Super-Tuscans)

The most interesting area of late for Tuscan wine production is in a special area in the southwest of Tuscany known as the Bolgheri. Vineyards are planted within a stone’s throw of the Mediterranean, where the climate is warm and dry during the day with whispy maritime winds, and drastically cool at night – ideal […]