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An Update on Portuguese Wines with Doug Frost MS/MW and Evan Goldstein MS

Doug Frost MS/MW dishes on Portugal's latest and greatest while Evan Goldstein MS moderates

Madeira and Port are the foundation of the Portuguese wine industry, but there are over two hundred indigenous grape varieties that today’s producers are hoping will cater to global preferences. Touriga Nacional is the cherished variety for Port, […]

An Update on Umbrian Wines courtesy of Cheers Magazine

Umbria is called the “green heart of Italy”. Located smack dab in the center of Italy, the region has much to offer to those seeking

Umbria's prized indigenous grape…Sagrantino

enchantment. The charming landscape, lush rolling hills, and medieval cities are great to explore and the cuisine is rich in pastas, grains, lentils, vegetables…and of […]

The Seasons of the Grapevine – Harvest is Here in the Northern Hemisphere

The seasons of the vine.

Growing grapes is no easy task. At any time throughout the year a variety of uncontrollable obstacles can arise including frost, hail, drought, fire, earthquakes, or landslides to name a few. Equally dangerous are vine and grape diseases or problems caused by insects or animals. Thus it’s no […]

A Tour of Asia with Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Wines come in many shapes and sizes. We’re used to seeing wines from the States, Europe, Australia, and South America but theoretically speaking, grapes can grow anywhere in the world (and outer space???) given the right conditions. Although we’re less exposed to wines from Asia, there’s a bustling trade and industry abound. At a recent […]

Sardinia’s Secret Saline Seduction

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, chances are your radar is turned to red wines for a the next few months, but I’d like to take a moment and discuss the mysterious whites from one of my favorite Italian regions: Sardinia.

Known for its mixed cultural history, cork oak tree forests, and reclusive beach resorts, […]