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Experience Tuscany: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Premium Wine Camp!!! July 2015 in TUSCANY

Every now and then the olive oil and wine gods smile down from the heavens and grant upon us loyal subjects a rare and golden Montecastelli_Horizopportunity.  It just so happens that this rare opportunity presents itself in the form of a one-of-a-kind experience in Tuscany this summer with the insouciant duo of Nicholas Coleman and Dan Amatuzzi, the co-founders of Grove and Vine.  Join them this summer in Tuscany for a week of in-depth and hands-on experiences with extra virgin olive oil and premium wines.  What promises to be a bespoke and regal experience, the all-inclusive accommodations and package include:

  • Six nights at one of Tuscany’s oldest and impeccably-restored country estates, Villa Montecastello.  Rooms are uniquely furnished with the conveniences of modern touches accenting the eternal essence of one thousand years of history.
  • Gourmet buffet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Villa Montecastello and choice restaurants throughout Tuscany.
  • Private tours of vineyards, olive groves, medieval cities, and more.
  • Hands on private cooking class at Villa Montecastello.
  • Transportation from the moment you land until the moment you depart this fabled land.
  • Wines and extra virgin olive oils for all classes, tastings, tours, and other culinary adventures.
  • Delicious, wholesome, and unforgettable memories.

Just fly your keester over there and we’ll pick you up from the airport and take care of the rest.  Click here for more info, or write to Amie Rogosin, amie@montecastelli.com, to book today.  She can also be reached at (973)-327-2336.




Back to the Basics – Food and Wine

It takes two to tango

It’s a tough time of year for food and wine pairings. The cold weather encourages a heartier fare, and with it, comes heavier wines. Not a problem if you’re into that kind of thing, but what about the winos that enjoy the lighter stuff? Times like these, it’s [...]

An Ode to the Wine Echo

the wine echo: the memory with perpetual reverberating powers.

Sometimes the echo is fleeting, and sometimes it’s more resonating, but regardless, a wine’s presence is a reverberating echo that can penetrate the most impenetrable of people, and the most impermeable of palates. I’m forever humbled by the journey that wine creates – from the [...]

Wines for (the alarmingly low level of) CHOCOLATE!!!

There is a yawning deficit of chocolate, so go out and get yours today.

The combination of wine and food has been providing happiness and nutrition for many years. While less championed than other foods for its compatibility, chocolate is in it’s own category when it comes to pairing with wine. Chocolate comes in [...]

Interview with Filmmaker Tiziano Gaia on the Making of “Barolo Boys”

Rolling Vineyards in Barolo

This time of year winemakers in the northern hemisphere all over the world are picking ripe grape bunches from the vines and bringing them to the winery. The grapes are transformed into wine and in doing so tell the story of the land from whence they came. As it goes, [...]